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    Military Medals ~ Mounting & Replicas

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Mounting Military Medals

Medal mounting of war medals in New Zealand for WWI, WWII and post-WWII including British Commonwealth military medals for navy, army, air force war campaigns and defence force service. Other medal awards for mounting include New Zealand Operational Service Medal, New Zealand Honours such as Member of New Zealand Order of Merit, New Zealand Defence Service Medal, Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal and other campaigns.

Military Replica Medals

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Replica war medals, buy online for navy, army, air force campaigns including WWI, WWII and Korea. Other medal awards include New Zealand Defence Service Medal and Venerable Order of St John members and officers insignia. Replica medals can be court or swing mounted for wear or framing with badges such as Royal New Zealand Artillery hat badge and other insignia. Quality is guaranted.

Divine Wonder Cosmetics in New Zealand

Divine Wonder Cosmetics New Zealand      Divine Wonder Cosmetics of New Zealand markets top-brand, high-quality body and skin care cosmetics nationwide. From South Korea, the products selected are renowned for restoring natural radiance and firming skin. There is also the tea tree products range that soothes the skin and addresses the acne problem suffered by many.

The products can be purchased through the Divine Wonder Online store and Company consultants. Orders are processed and distributed from the Company's Hamilton location.

The Divine Wonder Cosmetics staff and consultants are conversant with all products as manufactured by D'RAN Cosmetics of South Korea. They interact with D'RAN staff for updates and new products being released to ensure you receive the best advice on the body and skin care products suitable to you.

The current body and skin care range disributed by Divine Wonder Cosmetics Ltd include:
Wonder Aqua Shine Skin Care Series
Ohbeau Skin Care Series
Wonder Care Series for Men
Wonder Treatment Creams
Snail & Collagen Treatment Creams
Wonder Serums
Wonder Facial Oil ~ Vitamin E
Wonder Tea Tree Series
Wonder Body Care Series
Facial Masking Sheets
Ohbeau Intensive Ant-wrinkle Firming Care Mask
Renewing Overnight Pack

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