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    Military Medals ~ Mounting & Replicas

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Mounting Military Medals

Medal mounting of war medals in New Zealand for WWI, WWII and post-WWII including British Commonwealth military medals for navy, army, air force war campaigns and defence force service. Other medal awards for mounting include New Zealand Operational Service Medal, New Zealand Honours such as Member of New Zealand Order of Merit, New Zealand Defence Service Medal, Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal and other campaigns.

Military Replica Medals

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Replica war medals, buy online for navy, army, air force campaigns including WWI, WWII and Korea. Other medal awards include New Zealand Defence Service Medal and Venerable Order of St John members and officers insignia. Replica medals can be court or swing mounted for wear or framing with badges such as Royal New Zealand Artillery hat badge and other insignia. Quality is guaranted.

    New Image ~ Health, Well-being & Weight Managment

New image health and well-being
New image colostrum

New Image ~ Health & Well-being Colostrum Products

New Image is a pioneer in high quality bovine colostrum, sourced from the happiest cows in the world. New Zealand's pasture-fed, free roaming cattle supply our colostrum, which is harvested under strict health and animal welfare regulations.

Colostrum is a gift from nature to support everyday vitality, immunity and healthy ageing. Check out the health and well-being benefits.

New image colostrum     New image colostrum    New image colostrum    New image aloe vera    New image aloe vera    New image aloe vera    

New image business New image business

Top quality products and a great business model

There is an entrepreneurial spirit in many of us. Join us in a dynamic, growing business opportunity.

   A high quality product range and a motivated team of mentors to provide training and support will launch you into your own exciting and rewarding direct selling business where you can set your own goals.

   Do you want to have a lifestyle where you're your own boss, where you can spend more time with your family, where you can boost your income in order to pay for those luxuries and treats you deserve - like vacations, a nice car, a bigger house?

   Now is the time to take charge of your life, take direct control of how much you earn and open the door to a better future for you and your loved ones. Act now!
   New image business

    Employment Resolutions

Employment resolutions in New Zealand private and public sector business for people sacked from their job

Employment Resolutions

A dedicated employment relations service for people with workplace related issues, particularly the Bay of Plenty, East Coast and Central North Island that include:
  • Employment conditions
  • Employer/employee relations
  • On-job Induction
  • On-job performance
  • Employment Disputes
  • Employment Dismissals:
  • Unfairly dismissed: fired in other words:
    1. Unjustified dismissal: without rhyme or reason
    2. Constructive dismissal: set up to hand in notice
  • Bullying in the Workplace.

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